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Why Power Assisted Exercise?
Why Power Assisted Exercise?
Why Power Assisted Exercise?

Our power assisted exercise technology provides a ‘helping hand’ in a low impact, full-body workout circuit for exercisers who demand to work smart and effectively.

Our solutions attracts older adults, those living with long term conditions and also people who are intimidated by a traditional gym environment to leisure and rehabilitation centres. Power assisted exercise is safe for all age groups and abilities, as users do not need to provide the motive force to overcome inertia. There are no weight stacks to control, just safe and effective power assisted technology, providing active assisted range of motion for end users.

Fact One


of Innerva users visit their chosen exercise setting 3+ times a week.

Fact Two


of Innerva users report a positive impact on their mental health, feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

Fact Three


of Innerva users say they can move better in their daily lives.

Fact Four


of Innerva operators report attracting a new market to their centre, generating new income for the business.

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